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Magician for Kids Party: Stage illusion

Looking for a different kind of entertainment?  Terence Sylvester will not disappoint you with his inexhaustible magic and illusion acts. Highly engaging, his show never fails to amaze his audience and keep them in high spirits even after it ends! Drawing a human face on a piece of paper — a deed that appears rather simple. BUT, can you make the face smile and laugh? What’s more? One lucky person from the audience even gets to keep the drawing as a memento from Sylvester! Beside hilarious effect, there are also dangerous acts that keep the audience wide-mouthed.

Witness how a tied-up Sylvester pulls the thick and sturdy metal chain through his neck and frees himself! Up for more excitement? Volunteer your way up the stage and allow Sylvester to pierce a sword right through your neck right in front of everyone! Always creative and innovative, Terence Sylvester will never let you down with his ever-ground-breaking performance.

Terence Sylvester is an award successful Party Magician that’s enjoyed by simply people of any get older! He has been accumulated years of expertise by way of undertaking across Singapore and Asian for management and business characteristics, festivals, church buildings, classes assemblies, advertising activities, promotions, theaters, Tv shows, along with plenty of wedding functions!

He has been humorous with people him and impressed along with his crazy funny antics! Should you be seeking to make the next event which will never possibly be forgotten,call him TODAY!