How to Coat a Stunning Birthday Cake with Royal Icing

2 May 2015

Whether you’re making a stunning birthday cake, a celebration cake or just a treat for afternoon tea, we’ll guarantee your bake is a genuine show stopper.

Royal icing sugar can be bought in packs from supermarkets: just include water or egg white to utilize. Alternatively, to make 450g (1lb) – enough to cover the leading and sides of a 20cm (8in) cake – you will certainly require:

2 medium egg whites
1tsp lemon juice
450g (1lb) icing sugar, sifted
1tsp glycerine

1. Put the egg whites and lemon juice into a clean bowl. Stir to break up the egg whites. Include enough icing sugar to mix to the consistency of whipped cream, then continue including little amounts of icing sugar at a time, blending well and carefully beating after each addition. The icing should be smooth, shiny and light, almost like a cold meringue in structure, but not aerated. Do not include the icing sugar too quickly or it will become dull and heavy. Stir in the glycerine up until well mixed. For huge quantities of royal icing, utilize a food mixer on the most affordable speed, following the same directions as in the past.

2. Allow the icing to settle previously using it: cover the surface with a piece of damp clingfilm and seal well.

3. Stir the icing completely prior to use to distribute any air bubbles, then adjust the consistency if essential by including more sorted icing sugar.

To ice your cake:

1. Before making use of royal icing, top place the cake on a plate or cake board and cover with apricot glaze.

2. Stir the icing prior to use, to make certain it is easy to spread.

3. Make use of a palette knife to spread out the icing uniformly over the glazed cake.

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